Everything is permitted…nothing is true.

Welcome to my blog, curious wanderer of the virtual reaches! I hope that what you find here provides you with insight and, hopefully, enjoyment to the level that you were seeking.

Why does this blog even exist? Being a Biology with Science Communication graduate who is as enamoured with fantasy worlds as much as he is by the natural world that we live in, I wanted a medium to truly explore the marriage of these two. A(n) (un)holy union between reality and imagination…with huge, unknown areas of gray to venture into…unprepared. And while I do this exploration, I really hope to write collaborative posts with anybody that is interested in contributing! The more outlandish the topics, the better!


The titular words on this page – ‘Everything is permitted…nothing is true’ forms the maxim of the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ – a game series that has really won my intellectual heart. Why? Well, a game where you can free run around, performing stealthy or flashy assassinations, is always a winner in my book. But, more than that, it attempted to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction, between science and fantasy…and between what we know and what we are told to know. Of course, the game is fictional on the whole. But it does make you think. Just what are the similarities between the worlds we read about/watch/virtually immerse ourselves in and the world that we live in?


At the time of writing this, I’m frankly not sure what I might find in my explorations at the edge of reality…it might be incredibly insightful, deeply horrific…and, more realistically, it may make us face truths that we really don’t want to face.


Thank you again for visiting my blog page! May the journey between what we can imagine and we can experience be one that is as blurred as it will hopefully be incredible.


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